Achieve Your Ideal Shape

The snug fit will help tone your figure to your desired waist size.

Portion Control

Helps with portion control leaving you feeling tighter around the midsection and satiated.

Better Posture

Straighten and re-align your posture. Develop healthy habits and stand tall.

Confidence Booster

You’ll automatically look and feel slimmer while wearing it under your clothes.

Success On Your Own Terms

Waist Hugs is a company run by women for women. We are a modern day twist to waist trainers, designed for everyday use. We want to inspire confidence and empower success in a healthy, affordable, and effective way.

Modern, Athletic and Ambitious

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Say Hello To A New YOU

It is time to take control of what it means to be a modern, ambitious, dynamic, and athletic woman! We want to empower you to achieve success through body positivity and confidence on your own terms, be it at the gym, at their workplace, and even at home. 

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Healthy Diet Tips

Here are some tips and tricks on how you should maintain a healthy diet. Eating less is one thing and eating insufficient nutrients is another. While wearing Waist Hugs, it is important to ensure that you pack the right amount of nutrients you need into your system.

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3 Waist Trainer Myths Busted

Let’s look at some of the most commonly held misconceptions in the field of Waist Trainers. It is easy to jump down a rabbit hole of misinformation that can lead to paranoia, but we assure you that our product is quite safe!

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The stretchy and close-fitted material helps me increase the sweat burn while exercising.


I bought this product to improve my posture because I hunch a lot at my desk job. It has been serving its purpose so far!


Waist Hugs is a great motivation for me to keep exercising to BURN off my tummy fat. Love it!